ACIT Key Educational Principles

Focused Learning & Regular Practice ~ Instructors at STI impart a traditional art that has been passed down through the generations. Respect and appreciation for the art form is required of our student body through focused learning in the class setting and regular practice at home.

Positive Character Development through the Arts ~ Music inspires the mind and nourishes the soul. Through tabla study, students develop a sense of self-accomplishment and discipline that shines in public performance and examinations.

Structured Classical Instruction ~ The demands of today's modern society call for efficient methods to make learning tabla accessible. Until recent history, classical tabla study required intense oral instruction.  ACIT utilizes spoken, written, and online resources to create structured tools for student learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

ACIT Curriculum

Students at STI are guided by on our three key educational principles: 1. Focused Learning with Regular Practice, 2. Positive Character Development through the Arts, and 3. Structured Classical Instruction

Beginning Level curriculum (formative years) emphasizes a strong foundation in the fundamentals of tabla playing, including

  • Training in basic compositions and tala
  • Posture & positioning
  • Recitation
  • Performance
Intermediate Level curriculum includes
  • Continued improvement of fundamental skills
  • Instruction in intermediate level composition & tala
  • Instrument maintenance and tuning
  • Introduction to the art of Accompaniment
  • Performance
Advanced level curriculum includes
  • Tailored to meet the talents and abilities of the student
  • Instruction in Advanced level composition & tala
  • Intermediate to Advanced instruction in the art of Accompaniment
  • Performance

Students have the opportunity to perform at our Annual Student Recitals, Annual Exams for Youth, with performance opportunities across King County.