ACIT Tabla Class Policies & Guidelines

Seattle Tabla Institute (ACIT) is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the art of tabla in the greater Seattle area.

Class Registration & Tuition

First time students can enroll anytime in the  2 introductory classes to try out the instrument. There is no obligation to continue after completing the intro classes.

We do not offer drop-in classes, so please register for intro classes online beforehand. We will contact you via email to schedule.

After completing the intro classes, first time students may join an ongoing class.

Classes are weekly year-round, except for scheduled breaks or events see Calendar.

New students can join during a semester in progress at the pro-rated rate.
Returning ACIT students register for classes before the start of each semester. Please see the school Calendar here for enrollment deadlines, semester start/end dates & event dates. Questions? Email

Tuition is inclusive of summer, winter & spring breaks. Pre-payment for the entire semester is required for returning students.

Kids/Youth Classses, 5-18 yrs : Current youth/kid rate is $20.50/class @ $300 per 4 month (15 weeks) semester. To register for Kids Classes classes click here.

Ages 19+ classes: Payments are made in 10 or 6 weeks sets for adult classes, or for a full Semester. Current rates are $35 per class for 6 weeks, or $28 per class for 10 weeks. Semester rate is $22.50 per class (15 weeks). For adult classes register here.

Payments are made online via invoices sent to your inbox to the email address you provide when you sign-up for classes. We accept Paypal, Stripe, credit or debit card, or via check to "ACIT Seattle".

Registrations received after a Semester tuition deadline (see Calendar) for returning students will incur a $25 late fee, and students may not continue with class until payment is received in full. Deadlines are usually during the week preceding the start of a new semester.

Student Absences (all ages)

If a student misses class due to illness, emergency or any other reason, there are two options: they may request an recorded video class or schedule a make-up class.

Video classes, as available, can be be emailed as a link and accessed for home use. Videos can be used at any time that is convenient for the student, and can be viewed as many times as they would like. 

Make-up classes will be offered for absence from classes as available. Classes are offered at our Bellevue or Issaquah locations for kids/teens. Availability will depend on whether a class at an appropriate learning level is currently offered at another time or location. For online classes, scheduling of make-up classes is at the discretion of the instructor and may be shorter in duration than a regular class.

Students should email for possible make-up class times and locations. Make-up classes must be taken within 60 days of an absence and the student must be currently enrolled at ACIT.

Class credits are not offered for absences due to vacations.

Instructor Absences

If an instructor cancels on-site class due to illness, weather or roads conditions, emergency or other reasons, a substitute may be provided to teach the class if available. If a substitute is not available, students may attend a make-up class (as available) at another location, date or time. In some cases canceled classes may be rescheduled to a different date/time or location. ACIT reserves the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule classes due to emergencies or any special circumstances.


Continuing students purchase a course of classes which begins once the first scheduled class of that semester begins ( semester system ) or for two introductory classes for first time students. ACIT does not issue refunds or credits for classes in the event that a student decides to cancel or withdraw from the course purchased for any reason. For absences and make-up classes please see "Student Absences" above.

Annual Class Schedule

See ACIT Calendar for all dates. Events include Winter, Spring & Summer breaks, annual Winter recital, & annual Summer exams.


If you have any questions about policies, online payments or your account contact us at or call 206 423 3737 

ACIT Kids/Youth Guidelines & Rules

Arrival & Departure

Parents must depart and arrive on time and must escort their child to and from the classroom. Instructors are not responsible for students outside of the lesson time. If parents can not arrive on time they must arrange for childcare and give ACIT a signed written notice allowing the child to be released to the childcare giver or another parent when class ends.


Students are expected to practice at home outside of weekly classes. Online practice videos are provided online (see instructor for details). Beginning and young students do not need to practice for hours each day in order to learn. Refer to the instructor for guidelines on frequency of practice sessions.

Class Conduct

Students of all ages are expected to give their full attention and concentration to learning during the class period. For younger children keeping focused in class can be a challenge. If a student disrupts a class repeatedly, despite being asked to stop, the instructor may contact the child's parents to discuss the behavior. The problem will be addressed in an open dialogue between the parents, the student and the instructor.


In the rare case that a student continues to disrupt a class after discussion of a problem, shows little interest, and fails to practice at home, the student may be asked to take time off from classes until a later date. *All students learn at different rates. A student will never be dismissed due to their learning ability or if they are learning at a different rate than others.