Benefits of Tabla Education

"Improved IQ scores can now officially be added to the growing list of benefits from playing drums. A recent study shows that playing the drums or other percussion instruments actually improves IQ scores of children. 

Playing the drums makes the brain think in a way that very few activities can and being able to understand musical notes and dissect how rhythms work and go together is a very complicated thought process."-Read more about how drumming can increase your child's intelligence!

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FREE Drumming Workshop for Kids & Teens ages 5-18

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What is tabla? 

Tabla is a set of hand drums originally from India that are now played all over the world . There are 26 different hits and combination strokes, making this the most dynamic acoustic drum! 

What will my child learn ?

This workshop introduces the basic hits of the drum, recitation and basic composition. Families are welcome to attend & observe! All students must be accompanied by a parent. Tabla sets will be provided with registration, although some may need to share with another child. 

There will be a demonstration by current ACIT youth students and by professional musicians.

Does my child need any special preparation or musical experience to participate?

All a child needs is curiosity and a willingness to try something new! No previous experience in drumming or music is necessary... 

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